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    Sparky the Draizch


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    Sparky the Draizch

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    Full Name: Mico Serenus, which is latin for "Spark Serenade" or "Sparky Serenade"

    Gender: Female

    Species: Draizch, although once thought to be a dog/cat hybrid.

    Side: Part of the Canine army, but was once a loner.

    Weapons: Blanec, an elemental sword passed down from generations, used when she's versing one opponent, or even in the battlefield. It can change from a giant sword, larger than her, to a regular sword and even to a pair of "shadow" daggers. It had a dark blue sheath and a grey-blue hilt.

    Armor: She usually wears anything; armor isn't her thing.

    Elements: She is something spectacular; most of the "evil" elements are at her hands. She can use darkness, metal and poison; possibly sand, though she can't control it too well..

    Personality: She hates being under control of someone, and is probably the only former loner to tread on the bloody soil that the cats and dogs have fought over. She's very independent and once tried to make a clan of her own, for a good laugh, and failed.
    Sparky is probably the only one in the region who can make great music. Her voice can go from sad and depressing to happy and peppy. She is sometimes the "comic relief" when there's drama or sadness.
    Some bad things about her, however, is her selfishness and stubbornness; she often cares more about her survival than others, and would kill without a second thought.

    Mate: Blaze-y Blaze. <3

    History: When Sparky was born, she caught a very infectious disease and was sick for months, recovering just about when she was 1 year old. She rarely got to go outside and see the world, as her overprotective parents wanted her to keep safe as she was a fragile being. She longed to go and play with her siblings, but that wouldn't be so. But one day, her old uncle Abel snuck her outside, taking her along a dirt path and showing her the ways of the world, and from then on she couldn't part from the wonders of the outside. But.. she made a drastic mistake as well. None of her family had ever went that far before, not even her uncle, who was trying to chase Sparky down from hunting a fawn. They found her. And her old family of Draizch.

    The wolves and lynxes had been at war for a long time, cousins of the dogs and cats, like a division. They demanded their family to either choose one side or another, but they defied both. Then, in the heat of war, the two factions allied for a couple minutes and slaughtered Sparky's family, but Abel and her escaped. And yet, eight days later, her uncle mysteriosuly disappeared. Ever since, Sparky had grown to hate the cats and dogs for what they did to her family and herself.

    As time wore on, she developed amazing abilities and powers to match even the greatest of men. She stayed alone, far away from the territories of the canines or felines. But they soon caught winds of the news that a Driazch was crawling about, and the two went on a search to find her. Since then, Sparky had been on the run to stay alive and stay free. To avenge her family and uncle. For herself. But eventually she joined the dogs, as she could tell, either way, she'd be caught up in the midst of war.

    She is one of the last members of the Serenus family. But that's okay; at least she isn't completely alone.

    Voice Actress: Kate Walsh

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