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    I've been thinking..


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    I've been thinking.. Empty I've been thinking..

    Post  Sparky on Fri Jul 03, 2009 4:59 pm

    ..about many things. Too many things. First, here's something I want to get off of my chest: I'm leaving. For good. (Not surprising, amirite?) I can't keep this up any more. I just need to tell you guys something. It might be short, but I want it to be straighforward.

    Now, to start of, I love you guys. In a friendly manner. In a manner that you guys are some of the best people I've met over the internet, despite not even knowing you guys. I can tell that you truly are good people in real life, and I hope you think the same to me.

    I'm glad this whole idea thing came forward and such, as the roleplay was an awesome way to get to know each other. I loved playing as Sparky. She remined me of me almost, only in a fursona-ish manner, and much older than real life me. and Clover and Blaze and Gavina were awesome, too. They all had different personalities which made everything interesting and exciting, although personally I think Sparky was a bit of a perfectionist.

    But I also wanna tell you guys: I know I've been a control freak and an @$$hole to you all so much over the months, and I'm as sorry as I'll ever be. Yeah, I don't know you, but I can tell your all pissed at my wanting-to-have-it-like-this-and-that-or-else and so and so. I've been extremely mean sometimes, and I apologize for that. I wish I wasn't a control freak and let things go. Maybe the plot would've been better if I did. But I'm still sorry. And I know you won't accept my apology either way.

    So I've decided to leave. Go. Sayanara. I can't keep up with this anymore, and I feel like if I keep roleplaying with you guys I'll eventually drive you away. And I don't want that to happen. I never intended it to happen, but I overshadowed you guys and though you hasd no personalities, to follow my every whim. And I hate myself for that, even if I don't know you guys in real life. I felt like I actually hurt you guys, despite just being a small roleplay over the internet.

    Maybe you guys can hire someone else to be Sparky. Then we won't have the whole plot go out of whack, but not lose a (not valuble)member either. I'm just hoping you guys will keep roleplaying despite me leaving. I don't want this roleplay to end, even if I'm gone off somewhere else. I want to keep this up, and have it eventually become a movie or something. But you don't have to give me credit for creating the movie in he first place if you do. I was jsut someone who had a fugitive person thing that loved to travel. I was jsut that stuck up kid who did nothing but control you guys like puppets.

    Anyway, yeah, farewell. I hope I will see you guys int he future. If you wanna contact me, I'm often on Impressive Title and such with the username Sparkyopolis.

    Gavina- You're a great person with a cool personality who will always be unique. You're fursona in the roleplay wa always really misty and mysterious, but cool at the same time. Don't change your ways, hun.

    Clover- You, my friend, are awesome. Your so random, funny, and always find the best songs to describe the plotlines. Clover is an awesome leader, a great mother, and a skilled ninja. Keep up the greatness.

    Blaze- Your sense of humor and quote will always keep me giggling. I'm glad I had ever got to roleplay with you, as Blaze is a warrior of light and that will never change. I'm sorry that Blae and Sparky never had a relationship.

    And also, for Blaze and mainly the whole gang, here's probably your reactions to this, and to me myself. It's been stuck in my mind for awhile, I need to let it all out. (Thing is, the "love" art is replaced with "like" and such.)

    I almost got drunk at school at 14
    Where I almost made out with the homecoming queen
    Who almost went on to be miss texas
    But lost to a slut with much bigger breastes
    I almost dropped out to move to LA
    Where I was almost famous for almost a day

    And I almost had you
    But I guess that doesn’t cut it
    Almost loved you
    I almost wished u would’ve loved me too

    I almost held up a grocery store
    Where I almost did 5 years and then 7 more
    Cuz I almost got popped for a fight with a thug
    Cuz he almost made off with a bunch of the drugs
    That I almost got hooked on cuz you ran away
    And I wish I woulda had the nerve to ask you to stay

    And I almost had you
    But I guess that doesn’t cut it
    Almost had you
    And I didn’t even know it

    You kept me guessing and now I guess that
    I spent my time missing you
    I almost wish you would’ve loved me too

    Here I go thinking about all the things I could’ve done
    I’m gonna need a forklift cuz all the baggage weighs a ton
    I know we’ve had our problems I can’t remember one

    I almost forgot to say something else
    And if I cant fit it in I’ll keep it all to myself
    I almost wrote a song about you today
    But I tore it all open and I threw it away

    And I almost had you
    But I guess that doesn’t cut it
    Almost had you
    And I didn’t even know it

    You kept me guessing and now I guess that
    I spent my time missing you
    And I almost had you

    I almost wish you would’ve loved me too
    Blaze the Draizch
    Blaze the Draizch

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    I've been thinking.. Empty Re: I've been thinking..

    Post  Blaze the Draizch on Fri Jul 03, 2009 5:23 pm

    No... No... This can't be happening... No... No... I quit. I'm sorry, but I quit. If Sparky leaves, I leave. And Sparky is leaving. I'm out. Peace.

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    I've been thinking.. Empty Re: I've been thinking..

    Post  Cloverkat on Fri Jul 03, 2009 6:19 pm

    . . . im actually crying, so if i misspell, its probly because im having trouble seeing the keyboard instead of my usual sucky spelling XD

    Sparky, we all love you (in a friend way like you said)

    And it wont be the same without you. This sight will probly close soon without you, like Blaze said because it wont ever be the same without you.

    You guys have been my internet family since we first started on the OTT on WQ, and Blaze had the epic idea for the sight. It would make an awesome movie and all, but it would suck butt without you Sparky!!!

    I will admit, sometimes i did get anoyed, but thats me, i can get anoyed easy. And it was in a way your thing i guess but i always thought to myself:
    "Hey, she may be a buttface sometimes, but she is our buttface."

    And i swear by Rozy (the real cat leader behind Clover) that i will never forget any of this or you guys or the fun we all had. I'll still dream of the comercial, the merchendise for the movie, making tributes on youtube and so on. This has been the best site ive been apart of ever.

    And i still want to meet all you guys at Yellowstone park just for the heck of it.

    Sparky. . . Just please dont go

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    I've been thinking.. Empty Re: I've been thinking..

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