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    Blaze the Draizch

    Blaze the Draizch
    Blaze the Draizch

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    Blaze the Draizch

    Post  Blaze the Draizch on Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:47 am

    Side: Canine

    Species: Wolf

    Rank: Alpha General (top rank)

    Weapons: Fire Spirit sword, dual machine pistols(lol I know new one for the war) PM Gun (prototype morph gun) Raki's old assault rifle, incinerator
    *inerchanges weapons occasionaly, but always carries PM Gun and sword

    Elements: Fire, lightining, earth, wind, light

    Extras: is madly in love the another Draizch, Sparky. Last survivor of the Inferna family. Is quick to anger, and if you make him TOO angry, he becomes massive with little sensory awareness.

    Story: When Blaze was a pup, his entire family except his brother was killed. He and his brother became seperated, each living by themselves somehow for at least 20 years. (Dog years.) When he reached adulthood, he was engaged in a small war of one with feline leader, Clover. Soon, he was outnumbered 2 and 1 with Gavina joining the feline army. Blaze fell in love with Sparky, which emerged into imprinting, unbreakable love in a Draizch. Not long afterward, Blaze was reunited with his long-lost brother, Raki. A year later, the war emerged. The canines attacked the felines with vicious fighting. Not long after that, Aikyan, an evil black panther, hypnotized Sparky into becoming darkness. Canines and felines fought side-by-side to put a stop to the darkness. With the war on, anything could happen.

    Voice Actor: Don't know yet, possibly Nicholas Cage

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