Will we finally find out who is better? Cats or Dogs?

    Clover the Calico


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    Clover the Calico

    Post  Cloverkat on Fri Jun 19, 2009 12:58 pm

    Side- Feline

    Species- Calico (house cat size)

    Rank- Feline Leader

    Weapons- Bamboo Staff and a few ninja stars. (im like the only one that doesnt change weapons much at all XD)

    Elements- Water, Ice (ice isnt her best), Wood/Bamboo

    Extras- She is usually underestimated bacause of her size, but she makes that up with skill and leadership. She has been suicidal, and sometimes still is. She thinks of Gav as a sister, her mate is Asher the Star Light Tiger, her son is Gail. Friends with Spark, ex-crusher of Blaze. She feels like blaze lied to her after he found out she loved him more than just a friend enemy as they were. He shattered most of her heart when he imprinted, and she can still feel it every second of her life.

    History- When she was a kit, she lived with her family of feral cats. She developed her powers, which her family shunned. But one day, most of them were captured by humans for pelts or pets. She trekked mainly alone trying to find a place to call home. She gained her ninja skills from passing a dojo. Then she finally found the cat and dog territories. She found that the dogs seemed more dominant, so she tried to make them back down. Thats how the war started in her eyes. Then Gavina joined her, and they became close friends. During a treety, she became good friends with Blaze and Sparky. But the war was prominant. She still considers them friends, but Blaze is also her arch enemy.

    Voice Actress (for the possible movie XD): Alyssa Barlow from the Barlow Girls (she is the lead singer in that song.) Here's a pic.

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