Will we finally find out who is better? Cats or Dogs?

    The Story (Clover's)


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    The Story (Clover's)

    Post  Cloverkat on Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:28 pm

    In the not so distant future. . . .

    Cats and Dogs have fueded for centuries, but never like this.
    From evoltution and human polution, animals have earned new voices and even powers. But it seems 4 animals stand out the most.
    Blaze: leader of the Dogs
    Clover: leader of the Cats
    Sparky: one of few loners
    Gavina: Cat Warrior

    So what are they? They are leaders, weaklings, lovers, haters, drama makers and even resolutionists.

    ((this is like the very beggining, not after what we know now))

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