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    Gavina the Bobcat


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    Gavina the Bobcat

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    Weapons-Twin Swords, Her claws, Mental ability


    Extras-She is a black bobcat, Close friends with Clover(the feline leader), had a daughter(Kasa) and once died, but was brought back with the help of Sparky's friends.

    History-When a kit, a band of shape shifters came in and killed all in her family but her. The bad thing was her brother was a part of the shape shifters. Gavina got away but later in years was cornered by her brother. She called out with her mind to try and find help, and the trees of the forest answered. They gave her power to fight off her brother. Ever sence then, if the need was great, Gavina could call on the trees for help. Years later, she met up with Clover and joined the feline army. Before the war that is now happening, her brother found her again, but this time Gavina ended it with the power of nature...for good. Now she is waiting to see what will come of the war.

    Actor- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3w7EbL3cw8&feature=related (close to normal voice)

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