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    Cade Inferna II (Draizch)

    Blaze the Draizch
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    Cade Inferna II (Draizch)

    Post  Blaze the Draizch on Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:10 am

    Side-Unknown, thought to be living in a warless time



    Elements-Full potential unknown, but is able to use fire

    Extras- Only three knew of Cade, being Bandit, who is now dead, Gears, and Blaze, apparently his father. His mother is unknown to the present, but thought by Gears and Blaze to most likely be Sparky. He is from the future, and prophcied of Gears' death soon after he is eventually born, altough what the cause will be is uncertain.

    Voice Actor-David Kaufman (Danny Fenton/Phantom)

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